Why Use PPE? Top Reasons Wearing Proper PPE is Worth It

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PPE is often an extra hassle and may not always have obvious benefits. Additionally, it is designed to be the last line of defense, meaning that if all the other proper precautions are in place and effective, it shouldn’t be needed. So why bother wearing PPE?

  1. Legal Requirements

As far as reasons for wearing PPE go, this one is solid. Not only are employers required by law to provide employees with the mandatory PPE, employees are also required to wear it. If you were to get injured without wearing proper PPE, you could be held responsible for injuries. Alternatively, wearing the proper PPE means that you did your part in protecting yourself, making you no longer liable for any injuries you may sustain.

  1. Last Line of Defense

Ideally, other hazard controls should be put in place first to serve as the primary protection from hazards, as outlined in this article by Safety Skills. Still, these are not free of error. Protection should be put in place at the hazard, between the hazard and you, and on you (PPE). Should the hazard reach you through these first two layers of protection, wearing PPE will help to ensure your safety.

  1. Mistakes

Be it a result of human error or machine malfunction, mistakes can be made. Simply put, wearing PPE can help prevent accidents and injuries resulting from these errors in judgment.

  1. Increased Quality of Life and Health

Sight, hearing, and mobility are essential for many and are worth protecting. Although it may be slightly more hassle in the short-term, the long-term increased quality of life is worth it.

For example, taking an extra minute to grab your hard hat can prevent potentially deathly head trauma due to falling objects. Or consider eye injuries, 90% of which are preventable with proper care and protection. Is it a pain in the moment? Maybe. In the long term, however, you will be glad you utilized PPE to protect yourself.

Wearing proper PPE can also decrease the chances of dealing with long-term conditions that could result from hazards such as chemicals and asbestos, that are not always known but can have a significant negative impact on your health. 

  1. You Control It

When working in high-risk environments, many hazards are out of your control. However, your decision to wear proper PPE is one thing you have control over in these situations that can drastically change the outcome for you should an incident occur.

  1. Designed to be Practical and Accessible

PPE is not designed to be something that hinders your work ability. On the contrary, it constantly evolves to ensure you can work better and safer. This includes creating alternative style and size options, such as PPE designed specifically for women. At Brasco Safety Inc., we carry a wide variety of options so that you can find what works for you and meets your individual needs. 

PPE is also designed to increase work performance through protective lenses that double as sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes, safety gloves that give you better grip, or any other of the countless impacts that PPE can have on your ability to work.

  1. Good Reputation

If nothing else, wearing your PPE properly demonstrates that you are someone who takes pride in and values their work and safety and follows regulations. This looks good to employers and others, and can build up your reputation as a high-quality employee.

Overall, utilizing the PPE available to you is worth the hassle and potential annoyances it may cause in the short term. At Brasco Safety Inc., we strive to offer high-quality, reliable products that are best for you, our customer. Check us out online or visit us in-store to check out our products!


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