Meet The Team: An Introduction to Different Types of Safety Lenses


With so many types of safety lenses available, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Whether you are a well-seasoned expert in PPE or someone purchasing safety eyewear for the first time, let us help you find what you are looking for to ensure your utmost safety at work. To learn more about our safety lenses, read on!

“The Classic”

Our clear polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, thin, shatterproof, highly protective, and highly resistant to impact. Polycarbonate is a common material used for many (industrial) products that need these qualities, making them an ideal choice for safety glasses. They are incredibly versatile lenses, as coatings or prescriptions can easily be added to them. 

“The Two-in-One”

Tinted lenses are ideal for indoor or outdoor wear and often work for both. They are designed to protect against the glare from bright artificial lighting and sunlight that would otherwise impair the worker’s vision and, subsequently, diminish their safety at work. By incorporating this anti-glare tint into the glasses, the necessity for a separate pair of sunglasses is eliminated. These are an excellent option for those needing glare protection but do not want to carry around a second pair of glasses for only certain conditions.

Our tinted lenses include gray, amber, blue, brown, and many other options, each ideal for different conditions, so you can find the one ideally suited to your needs!

“The Enhancement”

Polarized lenses offer significant benefits when incorporated into safety glasses. These specialized lenses work by reducing glare caused by sunlight reflecting off surfaces such as water, snow, or shiny objects. By effectively filtering out horizontally polarized light, polarized lenses enhance visual clarity and contrast, making it easier for wearers to discern objects and potential hazards in bright environments.

This improved visual acuity not only increases safety but also reduces eye strain, leading to greater comfort during prolonged use. Whether in outdoor work settings or high-glare environments, the inclusion of polarized lenses in safety glasses provides an invaluable advantage, ensuring clearer vision and enhanced protection for individuals.

“The Upgrade”

Anti-fog coated lenses are the ideal upgrade. They have all the same benefits as our classic polycarbonate lenses, with the added bonus of clear vision in all environments. They are designed to prevent fogging in the high-temperature or humid environments that many individuals work in. By not fogging up the lenses and allowing the vision to remain clear, safety is much more likely. To learn more about anti-fog lenses, check out our blog post!

At Brasco Safety Inc., we put our customers first by creating comfortable, reliable, high-quality products that will serve you well. Check out our many options for safety eyewear, or find more information about our types of lenses offered here. To learn more about PPE and what we have to offer, check us out online or contact us. We are happy to help you!


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