Top 5 Questions About Anti-Fog Lenses (And Answers!)

anti-fog safety glasses

Foggy lenses not only pose nuisance but they are a safety risk. If you are constantly removing your eyewear to wipe condensation, you are exposing your eyes to potential workplace dangers and debris, putting you in harm’s way. Clear vision and eye protection are essential in any environment, which is why we recommend owing a pair (or two) of anti-fog safety glasses.

Are anti-fog lenses effective?

Condensation is formed when hot, humid air collides with cold lenses.  This can result from moving between different temperature environments or even the heat radiating from your body when working hard. 

Anti-fog lenses work because they stop this condensation from forming in water droplets, instead dispersing the water in a thin film across the lenses.  The moisture is still settling on the lenses, but anti-fog coatings prevent it from forming into drops that impair vision.

In short, anti-fog lenses are incredibly effective in theory and practice.

Do I need anti-fog lenses?

The short answer: yes.  Anti-fog lenses are essential for PPE to work effectively, keeping you safe. 

Anti-fog lenses can also increase the likelihood that safety glasses will be worn by decreasing the frustration caused by foggy glasses, minimize fogging and time wasted transitioning between environments, and maintain clear vision, thus allowing workers to be more effective.

What are the disadvantages? 

There are no disadvantages to using anti-fog lenses, only benefits.  They are widely available, can be easily purchased, are reasonably priced, help increase safety and efficiency at work, and do not change the quality of lenses over time.  There is no reason not to invest in anti-fog lenses for your protection and safety.

How long does anti-fog coating last? 

Anti-fog coating will wear off eventually.  How fast it wears off depends on how often they are cleaned and what environmental factors they are exposed to.

Anti-fog wipes are the best solution to this problem.  These clean the lenses, as well as re-apply the anti-fog coating, extending its lifetime and keeping it effective for longer.  We carry several options for convenient, effective anti-fog wipes from brands including ORR Safety and Magic Safety Products.  
At Brasco Safety Inc., we seek to provide you with high-quality, long-lasting, reliable equipment that is comfortable and works perfectly for everyone. 

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