The Ultimate Guide to Buying Work Boots


Owning safety gear that fits well and is of high quality is critical for safe and efficient work. Among all personal protective equipment (PPE), work boots are particularly critical. While investing in a good pair of work boots can be costly, it is an investment that you won’t regret. Here are some things to consider when purchasing your next pair of safety boots:

Risks From Poorly-Fitting Footwear

Although designed to keep you safe, footwear can cause problems when not correctly sized. According to the CCOHS, the most common injuries due to improper PPE are impact, compression, and puncture injuries. Some will find themselves slipping or falling, while others may deal with chronic pain as a result of wearing poor-fitting boots.  

Work Boot Style vs Comfort

It is also important to consider what style of boots you need. While some employees will put comfort and practicality first, others need to be able to quickly switch between protective footwear and formal shoes throughout the day. Additionally, boots must be comfortable if they are worn regularly. The biggest reported discomfort of boots is the weight of them – making simple tasks harder than they need to be. When buying new boots, keep in mind that you will also need room for extra socks or additional insoles for your shoes.

When to Replace Your Safety Boots

The quality and type of work will influence how quickly boots will wear down. Good quality shoes tend to last longer, but shoes that are around certain chemicals and materials will wear faster. And of course, make sure that any protective footwear you purchase is CSA-certified.

Shoes that have been worn can, depending on the severity of the problem, either be repaired (for minor problems) or need to be replaced. It is essential to replace worn or damaged boots as they will not be effective in protecting you.

How To Take Care of Your Work Boots

Try these tricks to care for your work boots and extend their life before they need to be replaced:

  • Waterproof your shoes before wearing them
  • Remove moisture and dirt from shoes after use
  • Invest in high-quality work boots
  • Regularly inspect and repair shoes when needed

Top 3 Best Work Boots 

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