Women’s Safety Workwear

Women’s Safety Workwear

Did you know that women make up 5% of the 1.1 million tradespeople employed in Canada?

Despite this, most women have trouble finding appropriately sized and sufficiently protective PPE. With mounting evidence that poorly fitting PPE has the potential to cause serious injury or death – women continue to be impacted by workplace hazards.

We want to help you to STOP:

  • using PPE that is the wrong size
  • wearing less of the required PPE at work because of issues with fit
  • using a workaround to make your PPE fit

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We see you. 

Your bodies are different, your PPE needs to be different.

At Brasco, our team makes it a priority to carry a large selection of properly fitting protective equipment just for women.

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Backed by industry experts and safety advocates, our team is lead by professionals who don’t only talk the talk, but walk the walk.

When decisions are made around here, we start with you. Whether we’re sourcing a new piece of safety wear or making a pivotal business decision, our first, and last question, is always – how will this serve our customer?

That’s why we’re able to provide the high-quality PPE that we do, and why it’s only ever long-lasting, reliable equipment that’s comfortable to wear and looks great.