The XP MAX Story

In 2012 ORR Safety was challenged by an important Pulp and Paper customer to design one garment to replace multiple personal protective equipment pieces they had in use. The products they were wearing were heavy, hot, uncomfortable and impractical. It required their safety managers and supervisors to ensure employees made numerous changes per shift to be appropriately outfitted to address each hazard they encountered during their work day, a daunting task for all involved.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to find or develop a single piece of protective clothing that would replace multiple garments used daily in a variety of harsh environments. This new garment would have to protect workers from heat and chemical splash, but would also need to be lightweight, durable and comfortable to wear. Clothing that could meet these requirements would improve protection, agility and efficiency while reducing fatigue. Employees would be able to get their work done, and be more productive.

The Solution

Once we understood the complexity of the hazards and needs of the workers, we reached out to trusted suppliers to help us brainstorm a solution. It was during this process that we found a material we thought could meet the requirements. Sample garments were sent to the customer. After nearly a year of successful testing along with an overwhelming positive response from their workers, we knew we had the solution; XP MAX Protective Safety Wear.

Protection Comes First

When there’s a challenge with protecting people in the workplace, our customers know they can rely on ORR Safety’s knowledge, experience and relationships to go beyond commodity PPE to provide true protection, true solutions, and true value.

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