ORR Safety Impact Resistant Metacarpal Protection Glove with Gauntlet Cuff

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Lisle Cotton yarn is stronger than most cotton due to a unique spinning construction and provides a soft, thin, comfortable and flexible liner for this glove. The specific PVC/Nitrile blended coating provides excellent mechanical protection, liquid/oil protection while maintaining high levels of flexibility and dexterity. This coating is very abrasion resistant in many environments.

ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR) is adhered to the liner, then the glove is coated, creating a single layer coated glove that provides much more dexterity and less hand fatigue than many double layer gloves of this type. This TPR provides added impact protection to the back and palm of the hand. The Gauntlet Cuff provides added wrist/forearm protection.

• Lisle Cotton Interlock liner provides comfort and high levels of flexibility.
• High grade PVC/Nitrile Blend Coating provides extremely high flexibility and dexterity.
• MetaCarpal Protection provides impact protection on the back of hand and palm.
• Gauntlet cuff provides added protection to the wrist and forearm.


Technical Data
• ASTM F2992-15 – N/A
• EN388 Abrasion – 4
• EN388 Cut – 2
• EN388 Tear – 3
• EN388 Puncture – 3
• EN 13594:2015 Impact
• Mean Force < 7.0 kN

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